Freddy Coleg Haitian Musical artist

Freddy Coleg Is an Haitian Musical artist born on October 1, 1997 in Haiti.

He was a former wrestler and is now a professional singer. He started singing a few years ago.

He is one of them because, unlike others, he not only practiced surfing but was also a brilliant student. During his school days, he did a great job and everyone praised him for it. His coaches constantly praise and motivate him to get good results every time. Freddy Coleg is very interested in wrestling and his praise for wrestling has no limits. He followed the activities of wrestlers by reading books at a very young age. He joined a wrestling club and refined his skills until graduation. He forced himself to practice hard, and finally overcame his hard work when he was given the best burglar alarm in Reading High School. He represented his competitions in various wrestling competitions and returned with the belt. …
Now he is an active Musical artist in Rap.




Matin Hamed is an Writer

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Matin Hamed

Matin Hamed

Matin Hamed is an Writer

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